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My religion


I'm going to talk about my new religion.

I was a free-tinker until yest....

Now my religion is Newsism (pronounced as NEWS-sea-som) I'm a Newist

Pi is my god!!


He does things that no human can..

He is so god like that he shouldn't be an idol but he should be my god!!

he manage to succeed in anything he does

Even in games, he can keep his cool and still looks good anytime, for example yest's vs arashi and more example in the past.

He makes me smile almost everyday with his nikki, and his appearance in media, if any.

I will add more and more reason to this.


Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope implies a certain amount of despair, wanting, wishing, suffering or perseverance

Hope was personified in Greek mythology as Elpis. When Pandora opened Pandora's Box, she let out all the evils except one: hope. Apparently, the Greeks considered hope to be as dangerous as all the world's evils. But without hope to accompany all their troubles, humanity was filled with despair. It was a great relief when Pandora revisited her box and let out hope as well. It may be worthy to note that in the story, hope is represented as weakly leaving the box but is in effect far more potent than any of the major evils. (wikipedia)

This is my name... Hope... beautiful eh??

I will always remember today...  I feel the sadness, regretness in me, yet i have to move on.

I hope this day can be a reminder for me and from this day on I will always look on the bright side and work harder...

Some things to look forward to
       BOF Final
       Kurosagi TBS movie
       Fahrenheit concert