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My trip to taipei was a fun but short trip. Enjoyed(tho a little off) so i hope to go again.
Yes, me.. someone who doesn't shop much and doesn't eat a lot.
So what have i been doing for the five days? basically getting lost looking for the shops and eat and spend the rest of the time walking around doing nothing... So my post is mainly about food(and only part of it), not sharing much about where i have been to.

まSome things i notice, the dogs there are friendlier than the people. haha.. CS is very very good. I felt that i was more willing to pay service charge there. Alot of Motorbikes(irritates me as how bicycles irritates me in singapore)
One thing I dun like. I was asked for directions and how to take MRT and trains by taiwanese and not just once. Haha... ironic right? maybe i have the international face(for asian countries)

Went to xin yi area on the first day, shinkong mitsukoshi, took some super far away fotos of taipei 101, 繞河街夜市, and wu fen pu.

This is the temple at rao he jia ye shi

Although i booked a hotel room with 2 single beds. The beds are joined together. So i used the Koyashige way which i think is very cute and useful. (for some frens who are not JE fans, Koyashige refers to 2 members from a jpop group NewS. they went hawaii together soemtiem ago and had to share a bed. So they put pillows between them so that they dun see each other face to face and so wun get disgusted.)
Heres the pic.

The hotel has two separate builiding but i think altogether it is not that big. But it is a nice hotel, everything is except the location. We walk 15 mins to the nearest MRT station. We walk alot. I was super tired. The breakfast we got was not buffet but different set meals to choose from. (most prob becoz the hotel is small and they can cut cost.

We had breakfast in the hotel only for 2 morning. So here are the only 2 pics

2nd day to 中正紀念堂(自由廣場)and xi men area. Bought some NewS, yamapi, Jin and kame posters back. haha.. fangirling again.

Zhong zheng ji nian tang

Tried てんぷら(甜不辣)

And MOS burger. Haha.. they have red bean soup and mushroom soup, wedges and they serve pork.

The third day we took train to 九份.
We walked around taipei Sation area after that. Went to look for the chicken chop shop that Fahrenheit recommended in a show. But i can't find the shop. =(

I like to shoot babies.. haha.. 可愛い

the fourth day is a food searching day! To 東區 to try this 湖州肉粽 and 湯圓

Then to some book shop and some shopping centre.
Then food again.


I wanted to try おでん(關東煮)but when we reach there the shop was closed.
So sad!! So we went to have 粉圓 (desert). Then to jian tan. Zhong lie ci and shi lin night market.
Tried the oyster omelette and


The fifth day, i finally get to eat Massu's favorite
小籠包!!!!!! from 鼎泰豐

Then to xi men area again.

Heee! Something extra. I got this in 7/11. Yamapi's weiider in jelly, but i only brought back one.