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Nikkan Sports Saturday Johnnys

Nikkan Sports
Saturday Johnnys

credits: Ariel

ジャニーズ (jyanizu)

◇Personal Information
1985(Showa 60(yrs))April 9th、Chibaken.
1996 Entered Johnny's Jimusho
2008 Graduated from Meiji University faculty of Commerce.
Nickname YamaP.
Height 174.
Bloodtype A

<solo activity>
Acted in drama「Dragonzakura」「code.blue」etc.
FujiTV new drama「buzzer.beat」(starting from 13th、Monday 9pm)
2008「Kurosagi」first movie
Formed the group「Shuji to Akira」with Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN in 2005「Seishun Amigo」singles sold million copies.
2006 solo song「Daite senorita」is also a big success

This week we have NEWS Yamashita Tomohisa(24). No matter how tired he is, just because fans are anticipating, he update his diary almost daily
Although he mention about frequent quarrels with his mother, he sincerely talked about his gratitude towards his mother. The reason for going to the gym is so that he can hug/carry girls.(There can be alot of meaning to this sentence. If you know what a japanese means by hugging a girl.) His straight forward words, actions and manner gives people a distinct and clean manly feeling

<blog>update almost everyday

「After all, there are times I am down, or fell asleep before I update my diary, happens a few times. Frankly speaking, even if I'm very tired, but because everyone says『even if it's one sentence, please update diary』to me, i will think, I will continue for some time」

<What kind of person>

In dance, I don't want to lose to anyone. To know what kind of style makes me looks good and more cool, I study the body shapes and style for dancing. I like Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. In Michael's「Thriller」prelude, everyone can recognize this song, i can only say he is amazing. this is a kind of revolution. Whatever, I would like to start a revolution too.


New Drama「Buzzer.beat」is basketball related, while filming the amount of physical strength needed is alot, like playing basketball for 4hours or more. Usually, I will go to the gym too, but the reason is not because of this. Going to the gym is after I turned 20, at that time it was just plainly because i want to look more manly. Of course, there is also the reason of hoping I can carry/hug girls. After I realised it's showing some result, I've trained out some muscles, I was really happy and hence I visit the gym more often. The muscles that was trained in the gym is different from those trained from just exercising, now I don't visit the gym, but just play basketball and go for dance lesson.

<Holidays>「60 year group」

Will go drinking with my male friend or catch a movie
A few days ago when we were playing together, I fell asleep unknowingly.
After all it was quite late.

I have a fixed dining society, it consist of guys of my age from many different occupation. The name is「60year group」,which is derived from showa 60 year
(1985). People like RYO from ORANGE RANGE, and many other white collar workers, this not only makes me feel relax but also trigger and encourage me.
Any kind of liquor is fine so long as I get drunk. I feel that drinking is for the joy and not for the taste of it.
For me, I don't have bad after effect of drinking
I will just laugh alot

<Treasure>Family and Friends

I don't have any treasure. If you are talking about things
I do not like the idea of using quality of things to describe treasure. (My treasure)Family and friends

I am really grateful to my mother. Thank you for giving birth to me, enabling me to lead such a great life
I will go back to eat once in a while, although there are times where we ended up arguing/quarreling...「I think it should be this way」「Your way of thinking is wrong」「How annoying/
you are annoying~」Something like that(Laugh)
More heated arguments do happen too, it's always been this way, although my mum has always been firm and decisive, but the person who understand me most is still my mother

<Ideal lady>Beautiful smile

Like people with beautiful bright smile and also has good interpersonal relationships
Or should I say someone who can make me energetic
Although I like my mum alot, I won't look for the similar type
Because I only have my mother, I have lots of time to be with her
In my family, there are two women
So ladies who are similar to them is not my type. I like a totally different type.

I like beautiful girls
But, each time, the people I like, have totally different looks

<24 jikan>

◆NEWS was formed in 2003, with「NEWS nippon」as Debut Singles. The host for this year's NTV「24 Jikan terebi」
Now, members consist of Yamashita, Koyama Keiichiro(25)Nishikido Ryo(24)Massuda Takahisa(23)Kato Shigeaki(22)Tegoshi Yuya(21
this six person.