hope_rei (hope_rei) wrote,

Pi's nikki 2155


Vol 2155


Today had filming at shizuoka(Y)

The weather was good!

But, in the evening, my inner arms and legs were bitten by that idiot sandflies *

although they are small they are evil

Around 2 years ago i was bitten once

That time (red welts) took almost half a year to disappear!

So this time i must recover in 6 days

Thats what i thought(Laugh)

Then, lets listen to music while going home(Y)

*sandfly is a kind of blood sucking fly/midges found in sandy areas also known as a sandflea, no-see-um, no-see-em, noseeum, sand gnats, granny nippers, chitras, punkie, or punky.

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