hope_rei (hope_rei) wrote,

Yamap's Mail to fans

Hi everyone(^o^) 

I am the "somewhere near my eyes been bitten by mosqito" Yamashita Tomohisa 

Super itchy(Laugh) 

Tonight from 9pm 
『ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~』 
2nd Episode 

Please, must watch!☆ 

The me who teaches junior school kids basketball has slightly make me look more like an adult(Laugh) 

and aalso my casual conversations with girls are interesting~ 

Although Naoki is just a drama character, 
I actually put in alot of effort in it, so please watch it~ 

Then, see you again (^o^) 
Tags: pi's drama, translation, yamashita tomohisa

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