I'm so tired! I'm so tired! I'm soo tired!!!!!!!!!!

I have no time to catch up with Pi's stuff... I have no time to catch up with NEWS stuff...


I'm going Japan in 2 weeks!!!!!



I was browsing through this site when I came across this.

I was totally shocked and amused, cause i was in the position described.

Movies & Dramas in 2010

A list of Movies and Dramas to look forward to this year

Nodame Cantabile The final movement 1 & 2
Ueno Juri
Tamaki Hiroshi

Official site

The final movement 1 - trailer 1 and 2

dareka ga watashi ni kisu wo shita (memoirs of a teenage amnesiac)
Horikita Maki
Matsuyama Kenichi
Tegoshi Yuya


Trailer - Youtube

Code Blue 2

Yamashita Tomohisa
Aragaki Yui
erika Toda

30 sec CM

Yamato Nadeshiko shichihenge
Kamenashi Kazuya
Tegoshi Yuya
Uchi Hiroki
Aya Omasa
Shuntaro Miyao

Bloody Monday 2


Eternal - Jin Akanishi Yamashita tomohisa

A rough translation of Eternal by Jin and pi

Love or hate, this simple words, i can't convey

A special day once a year

forever, again and again, closest to you

your innocent smile

unchange gesture

one by one, I will treasure all

you, smiling and alive

just that

I am happy, to feel warm and be gentle

My future has brighten up

(sounds weird) Mother warms me with great love :another version: > your love is so great it makes me warm

Each step i walk

There are many gentleness from your friends, in your heart

I want to share the joy of joking and fighting

Endless memories

From now on, let us draw together

Let's say, if someday, in this world

we were born again
Me, each of us

will meet in the same way

Will love you in the same way

Though there are times you must be able to get over it

what ever it is, don't be defeated

Because i'm beside you

Let's say if wishes come true
sad tears will not fall from you again

Can you cast a spell

Together, with you we will live

With nice smile, hand in hand, we will walk proudly

I'm waiting for that future

Today too, thank you

Lyrics and romaji by [info]aquividens

Yamapi- Mr getsu 9

23時30分更新It's official!!!!

There will be a season 2 of code blue and it's getsu 9, starting on Jan 2010

山P 史上最短3カ月でまた“月9の顔”

 NEWSの山下智久(24)が、月9ドラマ史上、最短のインターバルで主演することが16日、明らかになった。主演のフジテレビ・関西系の人気ドラマの 続編「コード・ブルー-ドクターヘリ緊急救命-2nd season」(月曜、後9・00)が、2010年1月にスタートする。山下は今年9月21日ま で、月9枠で放送されていたドラマ「ブザー・ビート〜崖っぷちのヒーロー〜」で主演したばかり。終了からわずか3カ月後に再び“月9の顔”を務める。(デ イリースポーツ)

It's clear on the 16th that NEWS Yamashita Tomohisa, in the getsu 9 history, will be the shortest interval actor. The fuji Tv drama which has high ratings in Kanto region starring Yamashita Tomohisa [code blue 2nd season] starts 2010 Jan on Mon 9pm
Yamashita Tomohisa has just starred in the getsu 9 drama [buzzer beat] which aired till 21st sept. Three months after this ended, he is appearing in another getsu 9 drama. (daily sports)

山P、また月9主演…「コード・ブルー」続編 - 「1クールを挟んで同枠の主演に返り咲くのは、87年以降で初めて」。スポーツ報知(11月17日)

(I like this: yamapi, mister getsu 9!)
山ピー、ミスター月9!“中1クール”史上初 - サンケイスポーツ(11月17日)


11月17日7時52分配信 サンケイスポーツ

On the 16th, it's known that NEWS Yamashita Tomohisa(24), starting next year January, will star in getsu 9 dorama「code・blue −2nd season」(Monday 9Pm)Last year July Thurs 10 pm drama second instalment, this time round the agency has advance framework.(???)( i think im quite wrong in translating this line cos i dun get what im typing)
Furthermore Yamashita just recently starred in getsu 9 drama、“middle1cool” first time in getsu 9 history.........