hope_rei (hope_rei) wrote,

Tomoshita Yamashita Asia Tour Bangkok 23 April 2011

I went and I forgot almost everything right after the concert, the only things I remember are

1. The first song he sang daite senorita, I was really excited being my first time seeing the real Tomohisa Yamashita. But after seeing him I just thought it's as if I'm watching him through DVD, too unreal
2. his smile made me smile. (He seldom smile, especially with NEWS)
3. He wanted the fans to say 'PI' after he said 'YAMA' I thought he'd do it few times but he did only once and said thank you |||
4. He is really pretty but manly!
5. There were these Japanese family 2 rows behind me. The little boy was really high and when other Thai fangirls shouted for Yamapi, he did too. So cute!

Well I think the other fans did better fan report and took many good photos, so i think i shldn't bother to put my super shaky video that was cut off half way cos there's no more batt and i din bother to change my batt after that.
Seriously, I'm doubting myself as his fan. Maybe I'm too nervous....
But I'm really very touched
Glad I'm able to go...

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